Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nothch Babies Social Security

The Senior Citizens League members and supporters tend to be older, less affluent seniors. They are also, to a large extent, Notch babies - those individuals who receive lower Social Security benefits because they were born in the years 1917 and immediately thereafter. TSCL feels that this is an inequity that was brought about because of the Social Security Act Amendments enacted and signed into law in 1977. Just years before they were set to retire, these individuals discovered they would have significantly lower benefits than originally anticipated. And the problem only grew and compounded with the inflation that occurred in the early 1980s. Thus, in order to make the Social Security program more equitable in general, and to correct a wrong done to Notch babies, we believe that some recompense for that injustice should be provided.
TSCL strongly supported legislation introduced in the 109th Congress that would have provided either a lump-sum payment or an increased monthly benefit calculation to Notch babies. We were pleased to see that Congressman Ralph HallТs legislation, H.R. 615, got 118 co-sponsors in the last session - more than in any other session of Congress since the lump-sum proposal has been before Congress. We will continue to educate new Members of the House and Senate about the Notch and to work with past supporters of the Notch. With an increasing number of Notch co-sponsors during each of the last three sessions of Congress, we are hopeful that some type of Notch reform will take place in the 110th Congress.

Monday, February 4, 2008


When Lyndon Johnson devised Medicare in 1965, he didn't order senior citizens to go out and buy private insurance, adequate and affordable or not, or be fined. Medicare covered everyone, bypassing the notoriously inefficient private insurance industry.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Massachusetts Health Care Reform became law on April 12, 2006. It is Massachusetts' plan to reduce the number of people who have no health insurance. It also works to improve the cost and quality of health care.
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The Commonwealth Connector can help you learn more about the health care reform law. The Connector administers two programs: Commonwealth Care and Commonwealth Choice. Commonwealth Care connects uninsured individuals with incomes that fall within certain guidelines, and who meet other qualifications with approved health plans, and helps them pay for them. Commonwealth Choice offers private health insurance options for individuals, families and employers.
New Health Insurance law
Key provisions of the law include subsidized health insurance for residents earning less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level, and low-cost insurance for all other residents who are not eligible for insurance through their employers.
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Here you will find information about the quality and cost of health care provided in Massachusetts. This site can be used as a tool to help you select a provider based on what is important to you.
Health Insurance Tax Benefit
Those who cannot show that they have health insurance will lose the tax benefit of their personal exemption on their 2007 Massachusetts income tax return. This tax benefit is currently $219 for an individual taxpayer. Non-compliance penalties will increase for 2008.
Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD) Form
Massachusetts employers of 11 or more FTE employees must also disseminate and collect an Employee HIRD form from each employee that declines to enroll in employer-sponsored insurance or declines to use the employer's Section 125 Cafeteria Plan to pay for health insurance. The employer must retain the signed Employee HIRD for a period of three years.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Social Security Resolution 2007 MSAC

WHEREAS: The receipt of Social Security funds is a right for elderly and/or disabled workers in the United States of America as it is throughout the industrial world; and
WHEREAS: Social Security is now immediately financially threathened but its future is clouded and further threatened by dangerous proposals, and
WHEREAS: The purchasing power of Social Security recipients contributes significantly to the financial of the country.
THEREFOR BE IT RESOLVED: MSAC will oppose privatation because Social Security would be completely destroyed thereby. If privatized, there would be neither security nor social support and the cost of privatation would raise havoc with furure sovency:and
RESOLVED That for Socials Security to survive, all corporations(both domestic and foreign) doing business in the United States must contribute to the funding of Social Security. The amount should be based either on the salaries and the number of past and present employees, or on the Corporation's income in the United States, whichever is higher: and
RESOLVED: that all worked in the United States should be subject to Social Security witholding and that the amount of income subject to withholding be capped at $150,000 per worker instead of the current $90,000

Support for Veterans

WHEREAS: Deployment in a War Zone can exact a unique toll on not only those in imminent danger but also on their loved ones back home;and
WHEREAS: There are mental, emotional, spiritual challenges facing veterans and families, before, during and after deployment; and
WHEREAS: Veterans, veterans groups, and many cocerned citizens, over time, have aggressively contacted the legislators to pass favorable veterans bills in appreciation for service to their country, and the Veterans Admiistration to carry out their mission to serve these veterans in time of need; and
Whereas: Veterans have received mixed and sometimes flawed services, and some have "fallen though the cracks"
THEREFOR BE IT REOLVED That Mass Senior Action urge the Aministration, legislators, public officials and all citizens enjoying their freedom to create a safe, unconditional, supportative environment for veterans and families, and insure resourses are made readily available so that currently serving troops do not face the same obstacles to services as veterans in the past.